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Coal City Miners Pride. Honor. Tradition.


Coal City Miners Youth Tackle football is a  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization who is devoted to making a difference in the community. We provide the highest quality programs that benefit all residents in our city and surrounding areas.We have been in the coal city community for 16 years ensuring kids from 6 years old to 14 years old have an organized and affordable football and cheer program to prepare them for High school and beyond. 


We are committed to teaching sportsmanship, discipline, respect and leadership to our young boys and girls. Safety is our first priority and we are dedicated to ensuring our coaches and players/cheerleaders have fun in a safe environment. We provide access to USA Football programs and training for all of our coaching staff.  We are also proud to engage with our high school coaching staff to provide a foundation of skills ensuring we are integrated at the earliest stages, allowing for a comfortable transition from our program to the next. 



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